Tim Hein has a strong presence and haunting musical voice. At his core, he is a folk rock musician, harkening back to the traditions of honest, American storytelling. His sound is dynamic though, incorporating raw emotion, with subtly intense melodies. These qualities, evolved and sharpened through years of performance, recording, and general experience, create the cornerstone in which Tim is grounded.

Raised in New York, Tim Hein first picked up instruments during his childhood. What began with learning the trumpet in elementary school later became writing songs on the guitar and drums. The local music scene and the drive of his like-minded friends heavily inspired these early days of musicianship. After graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in history, Tim began a day job teaching, while continuing to write and perform.

Tim now splits his time teaching high school in Delaware and pursuing songwriting and performance throughout the greater Philadelphia region. After a number of years slowly building a repertoire of songs, gigging at venues such as the Crazy Donkey and 169 Bar in New York, The North Star Bar, The Legendary Dobbs, and Milkboy in Philadelphia, and The World Cafe Live at the Queen in Delaware, Tim recorded an eight-tracked album with producer Ross Bellenoit at Turtle Studios in Philadelphia. Along the Banks of the Delaware, released in 2014, represents a turning point for Tim. The stories told in this album draw upon his observations from living and working in the Delaware Valley for the past few years. It has also opened a new chapter in Tim’s own story as an artist.
Tim takes his new experiences and opportunities in stride. Despite his growth as a musician, Tim still holds dear the values of passion, open-mindedness, and honesty, which have always been present in his music.


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